How To Save $300+ At Home This Month

How To Save $300+ At Home This Month

Have you started to notice your monthly maintenance bills just keep rising? Are you feeling like you're stuck in a cycle that you’ll never be able to get out of; because you “need these services for the rest of your life”. We’ve all been there but the amazing part is, you can keep having these services for less when you do them at home! Here are some of the ways you can cut back on monthly fees and change to doing them out of the comfort of your own home! Enjoy the freedom to do these things as you please and as you need without booking an appointment. Keep reading to learn how to start saving! 


Do you always struggle with sore muscles? Chances are, you may not even be going to a massage therapist enough in the first place. Relieve your muscles and forget $100 appointments all the time. At-home massage tools can be used to safely massage muscles every day to relieve pain and loosen your muscles. This is very successful since you can use it immediately as needed, unlike a monthly massage that can leave you sore and needing another.

monthly savings; $100+


There are many ways on how you can do your lashes at home that are customized to your desired look. If you like to utilize your natural lashes you can try a lash serum and an at-home lash lift kit! A lash lift will perm/curl your natural lashes so you don't have to use your eyelash curler anymore! Lash lifts usually last around 6-8 weeks which is not comparable to something like lash extensions which you normally find yourself needing after 2 weeks. If you're looking for a more dramatic look, try applying single strip lashes that can last multiple days if applied properly and won't cost $100+ for a new set! 

monthly savings; $60+


Like anything, practice makes perfect! Nails are a fun cost-efficient maintenance that you can do from home. Nail appointments can quickly add up as you start needing fills after a couple of weeks. Not to mention, all the add ons for designs and extra lengths. Many great nails kits offer supplies for shellac manicures or even tips! This rewarding skill can turn into zen you time that you look forward to while saving money.

monthly savings; $80+


If you love to add on this treatment to nails or massages, did you know you can have one for yourself at home? Paraffin helps deeply moisturize hands and feet while relieving muscle and joint pain. This is especially good for us as we age and our bodies start to feel the trauma. As for people in the service industry that are always using their hands, this is also an amazing at-home treatment to prevent future issues with hands and feet. Stop paying the extra add ons and complete your at-home nails with a relaxing and hydrating treatment at home! 

monthly savings; $30+

At Home Wax Kit

Once you wax your legs, you suddenly want everything waxed. This can turn into an expensive cost that can be avoided when waxing from home! Have the freedom to wax any areas you choose without the hundred-dollar appointments for full body waxing. Not to mention, having the luxury to choose when to wax is a huge pro for many! Check out our best loved KolūaWax at home wax kit! 

We were ranked as one of the best hair removal wax warmers on "Ode Magazine

monthly savings; $115+

All the little things we do to ourselves add up quickly. Take control now and do it on your terms for less! These tips have helped many people save thousands after adapting to this fun DIY lifestyle! Show us how you are saving money at home this month and tag us on Instagram @koluawax for the chance to be re-posted!

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