5 key before & aftercare steps for a successful wax

5 key before & aftercare steps for a successful wax

Aloha beautiful babes! Are you ready to learn some crucial steps to make your waxing go effortlessly time and time again? We believe in you and can’t wait for you to get started!

1. Sanitation

Whether you're a DIY master who likes to save money and time or a professional in the field-this step is crucial to follow when achieving that silky smooth skin we all love. Proper sanitation eliminates cross-contamination which could lead to possible infections and the spread of bacteria. Start by setting up your waxing area first so you don’t find yourself running around. Luckily for you our kits come with everything you need so setting up is no hassle! Once you're ready don't forget to wash your hands and if waxing a client to wear gloves. Next, make sure the area you are waxing is free of topical products clogging the pores that could irritate and interfere with getting those baby smooth results. Gently cleanse the area with our CLEAN pre-wax oil. 

2. Exfoliation

This tip can be a game-changer for us ladies & gents that are obsessed with that silky smooth feel waxing blesses us with! Light exfoliation 24-48 hours before waxing removes the outermost layer of dead skin, which will remove a level of discomfort when waxing. This also makes the hair follicle easier to grab with wax and can even lift ingrown hairs! This means the hair will also be more effectively removed and will create a longer time frame before you see new hair growth- less waxing sessions for you! Lastly, make sure to keep your skin hydrated the days prior to maintain soft results of the exfoliation but the day of your wax avoid any creams and deodorants.

3. No Sunlight

Alright beach babes this one may be hard to avoid but is very important. Avoid direct sunlight post-wax treatments for 24-48 hours- sensitive skin post-wax is more susceptible to UV rays! Although it's always recommended to wear sunscreen, wearing a high coverage SPF on the area that has been waxed is a must when being outdoors post-treatment (if exposed). Don't forget when the skin is waxed it removes a superficial layer of skin leaving it a high risk for rashes, burns, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. All things that we want to avoid, so don’t forget that SPF!

4. Swimming

The excitement of getting those smooth legs In for a dip can be overwhelming but make sure to wait at least 24 hours before jumping in. Salt & Chlorinated water can cause irritation and can leave your skin at risk for infections. Water can carry bacteria which is the last thing we want our open pores exposed to post-wax! Check out our bonus tip at the end to see what kind of water contact is great for post-treatment!

5.Intense workouts & sweat Working out post-wax treatment isn't recommended but also isn't a complete no-no. Sweat and overheating will cause the body to rash and bump and can also lead to further irritation. If you must- stick to a workout that will not over perspire your body or cause friction (stretching and light workouts). Skip the hot yoga for 24 hours minimum and take a rest day. You deserve it, especially after having your hair waxed from the follicle!

//Bonus tip

A few hours after your wax take a cold shower to close pores and lessen your chance of infection. A cold shower also acts to bring down any remaining redness and swelling the waxing may have caused. If there is any remaining wax still on the body, use our HYDRATE oil to easily remove any residue!

Yay, you're all ready to wax! Keep these before and aftercare steps at hand if needed and if you have any further questions or concerns, reach out to us, aloha@koluawax.us. We love to help.

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