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The only waxing kit you will ever need.

KōluaWax Delivers The Ultimate Wax At-Home Kit. Complete With Our Three Signature Wax Formulas To Leave Your Skin Gorgeously Smooth And Hair Free Anywhere.

Shop your favorite refills of hard wax beads.

Use our versatile Best Loved formula for your entire body. Tidy up brows to bikini line in one quick waxing session. Bikini Babe targets thick coarse hair and is ideal for brazilian and underarms. Our Bare Faced formula targets fine thin hair and is perfect for gentle facial waxing.

Introducing a new kind of wax.

Reveal gorgeously smooth skin without messy cloth strips. Simply melt and apply KōluaWax to any unwanted body hair, allow a few seconds to harden and lift the wax. This traps the hair and pulls it from the root- now you can enjoy soft, hair-free skin for weeks without the hassle of daily shaving.

You’re seriously going to love this wax.

The only hard body wax you will ever need. Perfect for men and women and both soft or course hair. Reveal flawless skin anywhere: bikini, brazilian, brows, face, legs and arms, back, chest and arm pits.

Our natural premium beads melt quickly and pull off cleanly. Works flawlessly on all hair types.

Enjoy the same benefits of a high-end salon waxing at a fraction of the price. Wax when convenient for you in the privacy of your home.

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